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We are Madaa Creative Center in Silwan. We want to build a safe, creative, preventive and protective, human rights oriented space for the community. We do this by engaging with children, youth, women and men through activities and projects that help them to seek a better future for themselves while maintaining their identity and Palestinian culture.

"The Creative Madaa Center is a non-profit and non-governmental community-based center. It was founded in 2007 to serve, educate, and strengthen the Jerusalem community especially the community in Silwan by engaging various segments of (children, teens, and women) through numerous activities and programs. The aim of the center is to grant this generation knowledge about its history and past, and to make them aware of their present as well as to encourage them to seek a better future for themselves. The aim of the center is also to ensure that this generation will be able to withstand and defy the odds while maintaining its identity and Palestinian heritage".