Madaa Center Organizes an Open Day for Children to Celebrate spring

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Madaa Creative Center organized an open day for children to celebrate spring in Madaa Park in the village of Silwan. More than 100 children participated from all branches of the Center “Batn Al Hawa”, “Ein Al Loza” and the main branch in “Wadi Hilweh”.

The open day included a Dabkeh dance performance, as well as educational and mobility contests, such as “tug of war, tennis, and soccer”, on the tunes of music. The staff of the Center also organized a communal breakfast for children in the open air, in order for the kids to unwind and become energized. Due to the lack of recreational facilities and playgrounds in the village of Silwan, the idea was to take children outdoors to a park, rather than having traditional activities in limited spaces.

The Center’s staff explained that the open day is different from the rest of the activities offered by the Center, it is a free day for the child, the hours are longer, and is in a bigger space which allows the child to set free. Usually, each year Madaa Center organizes a special day to celebrate the spring season, as well as intensify the activities in this period since most children are off from school for spring break.

It is worth mentioning that Madaa Park was established in 2012, and has been renovated several times ever since, the last of which was two months ago.

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