Madaa Organizes Activities on the Occasion of Palestinian Prisoners’ Day

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Madaa Creative Center organized a variety of activities for children on the occasion of Palestinian Prisoners' Day; 80 children participated from all branches of the Center “Ein Al Loza”, “Batn Al-Hawa” and the main branch in “Wadi Hilweh”.

In Wadi Hilweh, the library of Madaa organized a children's seminar, in which about 20 children participated;  there was a discussion between the children and the librarian about the Palestinian prisoners and their numbers inside the Israeli jails, and about the prisoners' strikes and demands. The children asked questions, then sang songs for the prisoners, and wrote letters to them that they hung on the library wall.

As for the branch of Madaa Center in Batn Al Hawa, the staff organized a session with the children where they talked about the suffering of the prisoners and their families, especially during visits, and about our duty as a society towards them. Forty Palestinian children released balloons that carried a name of a Palestinian prisoner on each one, and chanted “O Darkness of Prison Tents” and drew drawings depicting the prisoners. The aim of today’s activities was to familiarize children with a number of prisoners in Israeli jails and to reinforce their cause in the minds of the children.

At Madaa Center branch of Ein Al Loza, children chanted sayings calling for the freedom of prisoners, and the staff of Madaa explained to the children about the prisoners' strike. More than twenty children participated in drawing paintings that reflected the prisoners’ lives and hung them on the walls of the Center.

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