Various Stations and Corners at the Open Day Madaa Organized for Women

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Madaa Center organized an open day for women at the Madaa Center Club in Silwan, in cooperation with the Palestinian Center for Guidance, in which more than 50 women from different villages participated.

The day that was intended for the awareness of women in some areas included several corners and stations, including: a “psychological counseling station”, where the staff gave a group of women magazines, and each woman cut an image that expresses her character from these magazines, and spoke in front of the others about how she sees herself in the image she has chosen.

 Another station held the name “a cell without a number” taken from a name of a movie that was displayed to the women. The film talks about how to protect oneself from violence, and where women should resort to when subjected to violence. A participating woman in the open day told her story of being subjected to violence to the audience.

As well as a station called “self-care”, which included a discussion between the staff and the women about how women should look after themselves and a discussion about age of safety and nutritional supplements and how to nourish themselves at this age, as well as physical health and sexual awareness. Since October was the month of breast cancer awareness, there was a discussion on that subject in this station.

And finally the “kitchen corner” where women met and cooked pastries together.

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