Madaa Center Organizes a Workshop Entitled “Unwinding”

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The Psychological and Social Service at Madaa-Silwan Center organized an “unwinding” workshop for women and children, where dozens of children and women participated.

The workshop included painting and expressing through colors and doing mural work on the importance of a positive relationship with our children, and children with their parents. The workshop ended by evaluating the participants, one woman said: “I was relieved to have someone hear me and feel with me”, another woman said: “In this workshop I learned to understand my feelings and the feelings of my children” and she added: “I feel less stressed and a decrease in my anxiety”. One of the children said: “I learned ways to help me unwind, such as drawing and coloring”.


This workshop was part of several workshops that continued over the past six months, where each month had one meeting, among them were: “self discovery and development”, “challenges facing youth and how to address them”, “means of communication and internet security”, “music therapy” and “unwinding”.


The aim of the workshops was to serve the community, which suffers from painful psychological and social consequence. The target group was open groups of women and children.

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