Madaa Concludes the Training for Candle Production

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan has concluded a training program for women in manufacturing, decorating and coordinating candles as part of the project of “more professional job opportunities”.

The training included both a theoretical and practical part. Trainer Amaal Al Sabbah said: “In the theoretical section I explained to the women the history of the wax industry since 200 BC, by the pharaohs in Egypt and the people of Babylon in Iraq, and how it was extracted from the goat’s fat and hair, they also learned about the different shapes of candles in modern times and how they are formed.”

Amaal Added: “In the practical section, the women made candles in different shapes, colors and fragrances, and they also recycled old and unused candles into new ones in different forms.”

The training was 21 hours long, and was attended by approximately 20 women. It aims to promote the role of women and empower them economically.

It is noteworthy that the project “more professional job opportunities” falls on several training 

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