Madaa Creativite Center Organizes an Exhibition Entitled “My Products Bazaar”

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Madaa Creative Center in Silwan organized a women's exhibition entitled “My Products Bazaar” in Madaa Club in Wadi Hilweh- Silwan. Hundreds of visitors from various villages in Jerusalem attended as well as women's groups and local institutions.

The exhibition began with a Dabkeh performance by Madaa Dabkeh focal group who performed to the song “Son of Jerusalem”.

The exhibition included several corners, including a candle corner under the supervision of trainer Amal Sabah, which included aromatic candles for decorative uses, where they were in different colors, shapes and odors; the candles were poured using Palestinian ceramics which gave them a heritage Palestinian design.

Another corner was the corner of accessories and ornaments under the supervision of trainer Hanadi Abbasi , which included all kinds of jewelry, including earrings, bracelets, medals and necklaces, made in several forms and shapes, some of which were made using beads and others made using gemstones, and some accessories were combined with embroidery to give it its Palestinian heritage touch.  

An additional corner was the soap and natural medical creams corner, this corner included a set of creams and soaps made of natural materials such as the Jerusalem soap, which is soap made with 100% pure olive oil, oats soap, watercress soap and parsley soap.

The women also participated in the corner of “Heritage Embroidery” under the supervision of trainer Widad Siam which included women's traditional dresses, hand-made embroidered dresses, bags, shawls, purses and embroidered kufiya.

Lastly, the corner of the popular Palestinian cuisine which included pastries with thyme and olives; they were prepared by Madaa’s women group.

The exhibition was to show the products of the participants in the project “more job opportunities”. The project coordinator at Madaa Center, Bayan Abbasi, said: “The participants have been trained to manufacture these products for a year. The project also included courses for participants in project management, marketing, communication skills and networking, so that they can be able to market the products that they have been training to make.”

Abbasi mentioned one of the success stories achieved by the project: “Manal Awad is one of the women who has joined the training since the beginning of the project. She did not have experience in the accessories industry. After training she became qualified as a trainer. She participated in the summer camp which is organized by Madaa and trained about 500 children. Now, she buys precious stones and produces high quality pieces that she markets in local shops.”

Abbasi confirmed: “After the completion of the project, Madaa Center will look for funders to adopt the small projects that will be opened by each of the women who wish to complete the field in which they were trained”.

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