With the Participation of 140 Children … Madaa Organizes a Movie Day in its Three Branches

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan, organized a movie day with the participation of 140 children who were distributed across the three branches of the center “the main branch in Wadi Hilweh, Ein Al Loza branch, and Batn Al Hawa branch”.

The film that was featured in all the branches was the animated movie “Heart and Mold”, which is a feature film that sails through the brain of the movie’s young heroine and shows how she behaved in different situations, how she felt, how she forgets, how memory arises and how to deal with embarrassing situations.

The social researcher at Madaa, Hanan Salim, stated that: “the aim of choosing this movie which divided our important feelings, such as joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust, is that children learn how to cope with their feelings and how to shape memories after each situation. The movie talks about the events that occur within our minds and about questions that come to mind, ones we have not found the answers to yet. This film explains all these questions to the children in a fun and interesting way”.

Salim added: “The main goal of Movie Day is for children to enjoy and learn through watching and visual learning. We chose this movie in particular to give the children the right to experience their sad feelings, to understand their confusion and disturbance, and to discover themselves, their feelings, their lives, and their thoughts, as well as the cause of their sadness and joy.”

The coordinator of the main branch in Wadi Hilweh, Hanadi Abbasi, said: “After the children saw the movie “Heart and Mold” they drew and painted the characters of the film and the feelings they saw. We discussed the movie with the children who had questions, and then we displayed the films Tom and Jerry and Masha the bear.”

In Ein Al Loza branch- Silwan, Coordinator Abeer Al-Abbasi said: “On the day of the movie, we dressed some of the children as clowns, and let them distribute popcorn to the other children before the beginning of the film. The staff face painted the words “Cinema Madaa” on the children to let them feel that today is different and that all activities will have to do with cinema. We watched the film “Heart and Mold” just like the other branches, then the children colored the feelings, after that we discussed the film, and finally we displayed movies that the children had chosen, which were: “Peter”, and “Masha the Bear”.  

In Batn Al Hawa branch- Silwan, coordinator Nemati said: “Before we watched the movie “Heart and Mold”, we discussed the topic of feelings in general and how they affect the people around us. We also discussed how important it is to express our emotions and feelings. After the movie, the children talked about their favorite characters in the film and expressed their feelings towards them, and about the colors they saw, as well as their personal opinion of the movie’s heroine.”

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