With the Participation of 200 Children, Madaa Organizes a “Health Day” in its Three Branches

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan organized a health day with the participation of 200 children who were distributed across the three branches of the center, “the main branch of Wadi Hilweh, the branch of Ein Al Loza, and the branch of Batn Al Hawa”.  

The activities done on “health day” included making pastries with the children and providing each child with a healthy meal, also displaying an awareness film about food etiquette and healthy eating, in addition to listening to songs about food, and having various competitions to identify healthy and unhealthy foods, as well as coloring pictures of food.

As for the goals of the health day, the social researcher Hanan Salim said: “The goal of choosing to have a health day within the plan of the children’s winter break is for them to learn about foods that are harmful to our health and how exactly these foods can damage our health, also to recognize the importance of healthy eating and its benefits as well as having food etiquette, and lastly to identify the food pyramid and the importance of organized and divided meals.

On the health day, the children learned about the importance of getting a healthy and athletic body. They also learned to preserve their identity in the Palestinian kitchen, and we noticed that the children felt involved and responsible and enjoyed the spirit of team work”.

The coordinator of the main branch in Wadi Hilweh, Hanadi Abbasi said: “Children on health day learned about the food pyramid and the importance of dividing meals. Parents participated in the health day activities, and we saw the spirit of cooperation between the children who helped their mothers and the staff prepare breakfast.”

The coordinator of Ein Al Loza branch, Abeer Abbasi said: “We noticed happiness on the faces of children and their enthusiasm, especially when they helped in kneading the dough. Some of them remembered their grandmothers, and began telling stories from their memories. They also felt responsible as they were wearing aprons, gloves and a chef's hat”.

At Batn Al Hawa branch, coordinator Nemati pointed out that the children enjoyed the health day in which they spoke about everything related to food, whether healthy or unhealthy. She said: “We focused on breakfast and the importance of eating it as it positively affects the minds of children, we also talked about obesity, and the damage caused by harmful foods. The children participated enthusiastically in all subjects and expressed their opinions on them.”

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