Madaa Creative Center Organizes a Day to Showcase the Talents of Children in its Three Branches

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Madaa Creative Center- Silwan organized a “Talent Day” to showcase the talents of children in its three branches: “Main Branch Wadi Hilweh, Ein Al Loza Branch, and Batn Al Hawa Branch” with the participation of more than 100 children.

“The Talent Day” included several performances by the children. In the main branch, coordinator Hanadi Abbasi said: “Many children have talents, and the talent show was an opportunity for them to show their talents. Some children showed their talents by performing Dabkeh dances, others played Oud and piano, some children did a circus act, and others sang rap, as well as acting out a play that was composed by the children themselves.”

In Ein Al Loza branch, coordinator Abeer Al Abbasi said: “At the beginning of the day we gathered with the children and divided them into groups based on their talents, so we formed a corner for painting and coloring, a corner for Dabkeh, a corner for making puppets, a stage and drama corner, and the rap and music corner, after that the children displayed the work that they had practiced doing.”

At Batn Al Hawa branch, coordinator Nemati Sanad said: “The Talent Day included a performance of a play that was composed by the children; the play consisted of acting, singing, and Dabkeh dancing. The children displayed a scouting section, a gymnastics section, and a singing and dancing section.”

The social researcher at Madaa, Hanan Salim, said: “we chose to do a talent day at Madaa to achieve several goals, which include discovering children’s talents and integrating them with the Center’s activities, breaking the barriers of fear and shame in children, and allowing children to acknowledge that they have a talent that distinguishes them from others.”

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