Madaa Library Organizes an Open Library Day and Graduates its First Group of Women from the Computer Course and Announces the Opening of a S

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Madaa Creative Library - Silwan organized an open library day, and recently opened the Women's Reading Club. The library graduated its first group of women in the computer course and announced the opening of a new group of activities.


The Opening of a Series of New Activities

Madaa Creative Library - Silwan announced the opening of a series of weekly activities and events for different ages, which will be held at its headquarters in Wadi Hilweh - Silwan in the upcoming weeks. These include: Popular Games, Know Your Country “Palestine”, Tales of My Grandmother, Cinema Day, Handicrafts and other various library activities.


Open Library Day

Madaa’s librarians, Talah Sarhan, said: “Madaa Library recently organized an open day for children and their mothers. The aim of the open day is to introduce the community to the library, to make use of the existing books, to integrate children with their families through various library activities, and finally to encourage children to read.”

Sarhan added: “The open day included several segments; firstly, introducing the library and the books that are in it, secondly, having Dabkeh performances, another segment was rap performances and a segment in which mothers read stories to their children. A mural was drawn by the children and their mothers, with slogans encouraging reading.”

A Computer Course for Women

Madaa library’s first group of women graduated from the Computer Course, where women learned the principles of using computers, as many women could not use a computer nor help their children use it. The course was divided into beginners and advanced according to the levels of the participants.


Reading Club for Women

The library recently opened the Women's Reading Club, which aims to encourage women to read in various areas of life and culture. The reading club has a range of cultural and recreational activities besides reading, encouraging mothers to read stories to their children, later on there will be reading circles between mothers and their children.

It is said that Madaa Silwan library was established in 2007 under the slogan “Silwan Reads”, where it contained about six thousand books for all subjects in Arabic and English and a special section for children's books. The library aimed to enhance the cultural role in the society and to secure the Palestinian identity through the various activities of the library for children, youth and mothers alike.

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