Madaa Creative Center Opens the Largest Series of Summer Events under the Title “Enjoy the summer ... Have fun ... and Learn”

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Madaa Creative Center- Silwan opens the largest series of summer events under the title “Enjoy the summer ... Have fun ... and Learn”. Haneen Abbasi from the media department at Madaa said: “We opened the summer events on an open sports day, in which tens of children participated, the day included a variety of games, including: - jumping in the loop game, catching the ball,  the game of cards and roads, sack races, and a hot air balloon game. The aim of these games was to break barriers between children and to strengthen the spirit of cooperation and teamwork among them.”

Abbasi added: “The sports day was followed by a day of popular Palestinian games at Madaa Center Club, attended by about 70 children, the day included many popular games including:- Tug-of-war, throwing hoops, a Palestinian version of “duck duck goose” called ‘Taq Taqiyeh’, high and low, and many challenging competitions among the children. The aim of the day was to remind the children of the old Palestinian games and to chant the popular songs that are part of these games.”

“Enjoy the summer ... Have fun ... and Learn” will continue until the end of the summer, as the staff of Madaa Creative Center explained.


The Activities of Ein Al Loza-Silwan Branch

On the other hand, Madaa Creative Center, Ein Al Loza branch - Silwan organized various events. Coordinator Abeer Abbasi said: “We have recently organized a number of dynamic events, diverse competitions, Madaa Cinema, art and recycling events, and the staff took pictures of the children wearing graduation hats to celebrate the results of the high school students; we called this event “Madaa Studio” and the children drew a mural of “Enjoy the summer and have fun” and wrote on it the slogan of Madaa Creative Center “Together we can ... Together we are strong”.

Abbasi added:  “We also carried out a day of awareness on earthquakes and tremors, and how to act in such situations; the staff displayed an awareness film about earthquakes and how to hide in safe places. We also organized an educational day about the displaced villages, and a film about the villages was presented and how its inhabitants were evicted. The staff combined the cultural day with the work of mosaic art by recycling cardboard and creating a model of a house from the houses of the destroyed villages.”


Madaa Activities at Batn Al Hawa Branch – Silwan

At Madaa Center, Batna Al Hawa Branch, Coordinator Nemati Sanad said: “Since the beginning of the summer vacation we have carried out several activities, the most important of which are: motor activities such as tug-of-war, playing with racquets, running and hunter games, musical chairs, colored hoops, running in the playground, competitions that stimulate the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation among participants, with the latest activity being hopscotch. In addition to artistic activities, such as making shapes for decorating books, making love cards and decorating them, making hot air balloons and kites with artistic touches from children, coloring pictures of butterflies and fish, watching an awareness film on each one of them, making ice cream patterns from felted fabric, making a crocodile pattern using fir wood, as well as other various crafts using colored sticks and puzzles.”


Sports Activities    

In the same context, Madaa football Academy recently participated in a friendly meeting and activity with Jerusalem Mount Olive club for children who were born in the years 2003/2004, where the meeting ended with the victory of the Mount Olive team with a score of 5-3. Several players from the Academy participated in the meeting that occurred as part of the series of meetings held this July.                  

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