Cinema Day and a Tour to Ein Silwan within the Activities of “Enjoy the summer ... Have fun ... and Learn”

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As part of the activities of “Enjoy the summer ... Have fun … and Learn”, Madaa Creative Center - Silwan organized a day for cinema and a tour to Ein Silwan after organizing a sports day and a day for popular games in a series of events opened by the Center about two weeks ago and that will continue until the end of the summer as the staff of Madaa Creative Center explained.

A Cinema Day

Madaa Creative Center - Silwan organized a day for Cinema, the day included various competitions and screening of cartoon films that are educational, informative and recreational in which more than 50 children participated in.

Haneen Abbasi from the media department at Madaa said: “The day included a screening of several movies including a film about fear; the aim of it was to help children face their fears towards anything, the children also watched a film about earthquakes, where they learned how to act in the event of an earthquake, in addition to other films. The staff also organized a series of educational competitions, and symbolic prizes were distributed to participating children.”

A Tour to Ein Silwan

As part of the activities of “Enjoy the summer ... Have fun … and Learn” Madaa Center staff organized an educational and recreational tour for children to Ein Silwan. Tala Sarhan from Madaa Center said: “A tour guide explained to the children about Ein Silwan. The children started asking questions. The tour included a group breakfast and swimming in Ein Silwan. The goal of the tour was to introduce children to Ein Silwan as it is an important landmark of the town.”

Ein Silwan is considered to be an ancient, cultural and historical place, dating back to five thousand years, when Canaanites dug a 533-meter-long underground channel, in which all the residents of Silwan and the old city of Jerusalem lived off and used for household chores and watering crops. It is one of the oldest places recorded in the Islamic Waqf and that was in the reign of Caliph Uthman ibn Affan may Allah be pleased with him.

Summer Activities at Batn Al Hawa Branch

As part of the summer events at Madaa Creative Center, Batn Al Hawa branch- Silwan, was the organization of various artistic, motor, sport and educational activities. Coordinator Nemati Sanad said: “We organized art events that included teaching children to make a kite from laminating paper, and another activity which included making an artistic painting from mosaic and ice cream sticks that represent the summer, in addition to other activities such as soccer, Tug of war, playing with rings, and more.”

Honoring Madaa’s Dabkeh Popularl Dance Group

The coordinator of Bab Al-Amoud Festival, Fatima Abed Rabbo, honored Madaa Group of the Popular Dabkeh dance and Dabkeh Trainer Haneen Al-Abbasi as well as the Center's management for their valuable participation in the opening of Bab Al-Amoud Festival in Nablus.

Other Activities

Madaa women's group also celebrated the success of their children in high school by organizing a women's meeting that included a group lunch and a small celebration.

A group of boys and girls at Madaa Creative Center - Silwan launched a voluntary initiative to clean the Silwan Park in preparation of the summer camp “I Love You Silwan 12”, which will open on Sunday for the age group 5 to 8 years, and will continue for four consecutive weeks, where each age group has its own camp.

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