For the First Time at Madaa - Silwan, A Women's Camp under the Title “Tomorrow will be More Beautiful”

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan concluded its first camp for women, “Tomorrow will be more beautiful”, which lasted for two weeks, with the participation of dozens of women from different villages in Jerusalem. The camp included a variety of stations and workshops, tours, educational and recreational trips.

The deputy director of Madaa, Sahar Abbasi, said: “The idea of a women's camp at Madaa is an innovative idea and what is striking is that the idea came from the women themselves. As the staff of Madaa we thought the idea through to give the women a chance to live a period of calmness and serenity away from the routine of everyday life. The most important goals of the camp are to allocate a special space for each woman, because she needs to give time for herself, and not to forget about herself amid the bustle of life. The camp was distinguished by the fact that women were involved in shaping the camp's program, and we discussed with them the activities they needed.”

The camp included a variety of activities and events such as motor and sport activities that broke the barriers between them, the activities brought back childhood memories to them. In addition there were relaxation sessions, yoga, and handicraft stations that showed the women's talents. There were also awareness sessions and workshops, the most prominent of which were: a health workshop about “breast cancer”, and a workshop entitled “How to act in an emergency” where women learned how to act in the event of demolition, or death, and other emergencies that may occur in their life. Another workshop was titled “Know yourself”; one of the activities of this workshop was letting each woman enter a room alone and was told that an important person is waiting for her, in the room there was a mirror so that each woman can conclude that she is the most important and to learn to appreciate herself first”.

Abbasi added: “The camp included a tour to the village of Batir, which is located in the city of Bethlehem, where we got to know the village, which brought us back to the atmosphere of the town of Silwan long time ago, for its vast gardens and the spring water found in it. We watched a documentary film about the village that talked about the history of the village, its great people and its landmarks; we were accompanied by a tour guide. During the camp, we had another tour to the city of Nablus, where we had a tour of the old town, and of Wadi Al Bathan.”

Najah Odeh, one of the participants said: “The camp was a source of positive energy for us; we went back to our childhood days through its activities. The idea itself is innovative since we always hear about children's camps not camps for women. The most beautiful activities for me were the handicrafts station, the educational workshops, and the tours”.

Aida Al Rishq said: “I liked joining the experience of the camp when I heard about the idea, I lived a period of time away from my daily routine, and I learned a lot; its activities were varied between social, cultural, recreational and awareness activities. What I liked the most was the workshop on breast cancer, where I learned new information that every woman needs to know. Finally, the tours were wonderful and it had many tours. I enjoyed them especially because I visited Nablus for the first time.”

The activities offered to women's groups are continuing at Madaa Creative Center such as: Computer education courses, Hebrew language, sewing, accessories, handicrafts, and yoga, in addition to special programs for women such as positive education and family awareness programs, and special programs for the mothers of prisoners, as well as workshops on health, psychological, social and legal issues.

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