Madaa Creative Center Concludes its Youth Camp which was Held in the North of Palestine

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan recently concluded a youth camp with the participation of 17 young men and women, in partnership with the Palestinian Counseling Center. The camp, which was held in the north of Palestine, included many motor, psychological, cultural, and exploratory activities as well as tours and evenings, for five days.

Hanan Salim, a social researcher at Madaa, who accompanied the youth in the camp, said: “One of the most important goals of the youth camp is to break barriers, learn teamwork, confront fears and accept others, and to learn regulations and take responsibility, in addition to getting to know the villages of the north of Palestine.”

The camp included various activities such as bow and arrow, Tele match, hiking, and an activity to access the unknown. It also included many tours, such as a visit to the displaced village of Aqrat, and a visit to the Circassian village of Rihaniya, and a track in Banias stream; they also built tents in the plain of Hula, had a musical evening, a cultural evening and night trails. They also had a tour in the crocodile valley to reach to the mill to do an activity called “stroll and think” which is to track sites located in the reserve, they also had a tour to the Grotto near the village of Damon. In addition they had water games at the beach, a tour of Qaws cave, climbing down ropes and a path in the Valley of Qarn and the Montfort castle as well as drama activities that summarized in sketches on teamwork, communication, success, failure, improvement and development”.

Salim described the camping as an adventure experienced by the youth group, she said: “Many of them felt scared at first, especially in the activity of descending by ropes, but they defied the barrier of fear, which increased their self-confidence. In addition to that the days of camping were very special, and its activities varied between building a cottage in nature and making the name of the teams with the tools of the land, and giving each group 14 different tasks to reach the top of the mountain. Teamwork and cooperation among team members gave the camping a positive and distinctive spirit. The youth learned that working hard is a stage to get to the top”.

Salim concluded: “At the end of the camping, the group expressed their feelings about their days of responsibility, self-confidence, spontaneity, culture, enjoyment, bravery, happiness, continuity, challenge and acceptance. If we feel broken or resentful in our lives, we will face it and stand strong. One of them said that he learned to have more control over his reactions; another said that from here his knowledge of himself increased, and some of them said that the camp made them believe in their abilities more.”


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