Madaa Creative Center Opens New Profession Courses for Women

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Madaa Creative Center- Silwan organized an open day for dozens of Jerusalemite women, during which they explained new programs that were included in the Center's plans that will develop their skills or help them learn new skills that will be a benefit to them, and will enable them to develop themselves. The most prominent of these new courses is the course of “hair styling and the artistry of make-up”.

The deputy director of Madaa, Sahar Abbasi, said: “During the open day, ladies participated in the new series of professional courses that will be held by Madaa, which will start with the course of hairdressing and make-up. We opened it at the request of women and their need for it, where the course will be accompanied by workshops on project management, which will enable women to open a project related to the course in which they participated in, and thus enable them economically.

Abbasi added: “During the open day there was a corner for psychological counseling, during which women watched a film about the violence against women, which was discussed afterwards.”

It is worth mentioning that Madaa Center provides women with other vocational courses that have become a source of income for some women, some of which are the courses of sewing, accessories and handicrafts.

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