Madaa of Creativity Concludes its Winter Camp Activities

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan recently concluded its winter camp with a ceremony attended by tens of children. The camp was held in the Center’s four branches in Silwan: “Wadi Hilweh, Ein Al Loza, Batn Al Hawa, and the central district of Silwan.” The camp included a Cinema Day, a Cultural Day, a Health Day, a Sports Day, and a Mental Health Day.

A Day for Artistic and Library Activities

The camp opened its days with musical, animation, library and artistic activities, where the staff read stories related to the winter season. The children made story characters by cutting and coloring characters’ masks. They also made a snowman by recycling toilet paper rolls, and made clothes for dolls.  

Cinema Day

During movie day, the staff screened two films; each one was for a different age group. During the movie, the staff distributed popcorn to the children, and after the end of each movie a discussion was held with the children to talk about the lesson learned from it.

Cultural Day

The goal of this day is for children to acquire new information about their homeland Palestine and enrich their cultural inventory. The day included many activities, such as: a contest with questions about history, screening of a cartoon movie called “Tale of a Key” that talks about the Palestinians’ key to return to their displaced homes, it tells the story of Palestine before and after the Nakba (the Palestinian exodus) in an interesting way for children. As well as the map of Palestine activity, where the children cut the map and pasted it on a cardboard then colored it and labeled the Palestinian cities on it. In addition to the activity of “Arabic Poetry Verses” where children chose poetic verses and read them. The day was concluded by drawing a mural on the key of return.

Health Day

The day started with sport exercises, a young man named Mohammad Abu Gharbiyeh gave a lecture on first aid in a simplified way, and on how to deal with cases of burns, wounds and fractures. The children were given the opportunity to experience a blood pressure monitor, and a stethoscope to listen to pulse and heartbeats. Other activities included the activity of distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy foods through drawings that children classified as healthy and unhealthy then pasted them on the appropriate board for each drawing. After that children prepared a healthy breakfast.

One of the objectives of the day is to identify the basic components and elements of food, to give awareness on overeating and under eating, and to identify the nutritional value of foods, and healthy eating habits.

A Mental Health Day

Psychologists and social workers were distributed to the Center's four branches to pass the events related to this day, including unwinding activities through motor games such as a parachute game, a game with balloons and the sounds of animals’ game. In addition to breathing and relaxation exercises, which improve the child psychologically, enhance his/her activity during the day and reduce tension. There was also an activity to unwind using music where children chose instruments that make a ringing sound , and were divided into three groups, each group composed a piece of music, and presented it to the other teams which helps enhance the child’s self-confidence. Another activity was to unwind using balloons, and finally the activity of expressing their feelings.

Sports Day

The day included many motor sport games and intellectual games in the form of competitions between groups, such as loop games, throwing balls, tug of war, throwing rings, puzzles, and chess.

A Ceremony for Concluding Winter Camp Activities

Madaa organized a celebration for children on the occasion of concluding the winter camp activities, some of its prominent stations are: clown activities, the activity of the Wish Tree, where each child wrote on a small piece of paper his/her wish for the New Year and hung it on the branches of a tree they made themselves, in addition to the art station where children made a clown face by using balloons, a glove and colored straws. At the end of the ceremony the staff painted on the faces of children.  



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