Concluding the Activities of “Big Brother - Big Sister” Program

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan recently concluded the activities of “Big Brother - Big Sister” in cooperation with the Palestinian Center for Guidance in a ceremony where they presented the main events of the project which lasted for a year.

Project guide Ghadir Shatat said: “The project is an integration of university students with children aged “9-12” years, where each child considers the university student as his brother, and takes him as a positive role model for himself. This develops life skills for children, and develops the spirit of volunteering within college students, in addition to mutual benefits between the two parties.”

Shatat added: “The project has been in existence for 20 years, but for the first time this year it is being implemented in Silwan, it was also carried out in the Old City. The project was represented by individual meetings, activities, social initiatives and summer camps, in addition to other activities such as a Ramadan banquet day which brings together the participants and their parents, a health day, a cultural day, and groups for positive upbringing for the parents of the children. As well as various courses such as handicrafts, press and radio, theater and drama, folk tales and the experience of sleepovers within the camp of colors.”

The registration to join the program of “Big Brother / Big Sister” was opened yesterday, where it is renewed to target new children and university students.

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