Madaa of Creativity Organizes a Legal Support Workshop under the Title “You Ask and the Lawyer Answers”

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan recently organized a legal support workshop entitled “You Ask and the Lawyer Answers”. The workshop was presided by lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud and lawyer Razan Al Jubeh, in the presence of dozens of young people and parents, at Madaa Center Club in Silwan.

The workshop focused on the subject of arrests and the rights of minor detainees, how to act from the moment of arrest until release, indictments, and summonses, while the audience asked questions on their own legal issues, most of the questions revolved around the subject of house raids and inspections. The lawyer pointed out that legally there must be a witness or two from the household during inspection.

The deputy director of Madaa Center, Sahar Abbasi, said: “As part of the New Year's work plan, there are dozens of awareness workshops to be held during the year. We opened the series with the Legal Support Workshop, during which the lawyer discussed new details and legal information for the attendance.

Abbasi added: “Most of the attendees were young people between the ages of 12 and 17, and this category is specifically targeted for detention by the occupation, and it was necessary to educate this group about their rights during the arrest process. Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud also focused on the importance of complaining and following up and encouraged doing so in case of violation of the law, even if the complaints did not lead to direct results in the short term.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said: “It is important to establish such workshops that will help educate young people about their rights during arrest and interrogation, and to be investigated only after taking the necessary advice from a lawyer, and to refuse to begin their interrogation in the police car before reaching the interrogation centers.”

It is mentioned that the legal support workshop was part of a series of awareness workshops that Madaa will organize in the upcoming days.

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