Madaa Of Creativity Celebrates Mother’s Day in its Four Branches

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Madaa Creative Center- Silwan recently organized a celebration for Mother’s Day and Women’s Day at Wadi Hilweh Branch in Silwan, dozens of women attended. Other activities were organized to celebrate the occasion in its three branches (Ein Al Loza, Batn Al Hawa, and the Central District Branch).

The deputy director of Madaa, Sahar Abbasi, said: “As a Center we wanted to honor women and celebrate their day, so we organized a day that included many activities and corners, one of which was the Henna corner, as well as leisure and unwinding activities. The women also shared with each other stories, experiences and difficult circumstances that they have gone through and how they overcame them, they also shared how they benefited from the psychological support sessions provided by Madaa, and how they have reached a stage that enables them to support other women”.

Abbasi added: “During the Open Day a film that tells a success story of a woman was displayed”.

And throughout the open day the staff distributed gifts to the participants, whereas one of the participating women gave a special thanks to the Center for the activities they provide and gifted the Center’s administration symbolic gifts.

As for the other branches, the staff organized many artistic activities for children to make gifts for their mothers and to express their feelings towards her. In Ein Al Loza branch they made greeting cards in the shape of hearts and hands and wrote phrases for their mothers inside of them. They also recited poems to their mothers.

As for Batn Al Hawa Branch they recycled wooden sticks and made picture frames out of them and wrote letters for their mothers inside of the frame.

At the Central District the children accompanied by the Center’s staff toured the shops in the village of Silwan and chose a gift for their mothers.

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