Madaa of Creativity Commemorates Earth Day, World Autism Awareness Day, and Isra and Mi’raj

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Madaa Creative Center – Silwan recently organized a chain of activities to commemorate Earth Day, World Autism Awareness Day, and Isra and Mi’raj in its four branches “Wadi Hilweh, Ein Al Loza, Batn Al Hawa, and the Central District Branch”, with the participation of dozens of children.

Palestinian Earth Day

Madaa of creativity organized several activities in the remembrance of the Palestinian Earth Day. In Ein Al Loza branch the staff told a story to the children about the occupation of Galilee territory, the strike in 1976, and the Martyrs of Earth Day. The staff also displayed a movie to the children about Earth Day; they also had artistic activities such as coloring the Palestinian flag, writing slogans about their land, and singing the national anthem.

As for the Central District Branch, a girl named Sarah Abu Sbeih took the initiative to give a brief explanation about Earth Day to the other children. The children expressed this day by drawing the Palestinian flag, Al Aqsa Mosque, the key of return, and olive trees, they also put Palestine in the heart of the world on a globe that they had drawn.

The children in Batn Al Hawa Branch drew olive trees which indicate commitment and pride; they also drew the key of return, and the Palestinian flag. They wrote slogans on drawings and the staff explained to the children the reason behind Earth Day in Palestine.


World Autism Awareness Day

Under the title “I am Autistic Accept my Differences”, Madaa Center, Ein Al Loza Branch- Silwan organized an awareness event about autism on Monday on the occasion of World Autism Day. The staff introduced the children to this disorder, its causes, and behavioral and physical symptoms. One of the children participated by talking about the experience of his brother, who suffers from autism. In addition, there were artistic activities represented by coloring the logo of autism.


Isra and Mi’raj

Madaa organized a celebration to commemorate Isra and Mi’raj on Tuesday. In Wadi Hilweh Branch the staff explained Isra and Mi’raj to the children by asking them questions about it, each child gave the information that they know about this incident. The children watched a film about the incident of Isra and Mi’raj, and after the movie was over the staff initiated a contest and asked the children questions about the Isra and Mi’raj events they had seen in the movie, the winners won symbolic gifts. After that they colored a picture of Al Aqsa Mosque, then cut it and glued it on a cardboard.

In Ein Al Loza Branch the children sang a song about Prophet Mohammad peach be upon him after the staff had explained to the children the story about Isra and Mi’raj, afterwards they inflated balloons and decorated the Center and distributed greeting cards in the form of spring butterflies that bear date fruits.

As for Batn Al Hawa Branch, the children exchanged information, and the staff told stories about Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) on the day of Isra and Mi’raj, and heard religious hymns related to this occasion.

In the Central District Branch, the staff told children the story of Mi’raj and the importance of Al Aqsa Mosque and the sanctity of the place for all Muslims. After that the children drew slogans for the Prophet peace be upon him.

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