Activities of the Interactive Theater “Flow” at Madaa Creative Center –Silwan

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Outdoors in the fresh air, and with the tunes of music, children aged 4-6 sat on a big white sheet of paper. A Brazilian playwright began using his body movements to the tunes of music to paint on the large blank white page, choosing one child after another to join him in the painting without using speech.

These were the activities of the interactive theater “Flow” held yesterday at the Madaa Park in the town of Silwan in cooperation between the center of Madaa and the theater of the neighborhood within the activities of “Yalla Yala” festival.

Deputy Director of Madaa, Sahar Abbasi, said: “The name of the show was “Flow” which means diving. Its goal is for children to learn to communicate with their eyes or body movements to communicate their feelings away from screaming. As for the idea of using a white paper and drawing on it randomly by the children through a play is that the child learns that he can shape his life as he wishes”.

On behalf of Madaa, Abbasi thanked the neighborhood theater from the town of Beit Jala, who gave the children of Madaa the opportunity to participate in the interactive theater, which is a new experience for them.

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