The Conclusion of the “Therapeutic Academic Support” Program

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Madaa Creative Center- Silwan concluded the “Therapeutic Academic Support” Program which
was implemented with the partnership of Spafford Children's Center and Madaa Center at Batn
Al Hawa branch.

The program targeted 30 children of all academic levels, students with learning disabilities,
school dropouts or children who live a difficult daily life, such as children who have been
subjected to arrest.
Through the program children received private lessons in basic subjects such as the Arabic and
English language and mathematics, as part of their academic support. As for their psychosocial
support, the program included individual and group counseling sessions, as well as multiple
activities and open days which students participated in.

The program was concluded with a ceremony honoring the children who were participants in this
program with the presence of the young man Bashar Abu Shamsiyeh, who told the children
motivational stories, and gave them advice about the importance of education to ensure a better
life. The ceremony included recreational and motor activities for children where they wrote their
dreams inside of balloons and threw them at a near distance as evidence that their dreams will
come true. At the end of the ceremony, plaques were distributed as rewards for the participating

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