Madaa of Creativity Commemorates the Palestinian Nakba

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On the occasion of the seventy first anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, the Cultural Department at Madaa Creative Center- Silwan organized cultural and artistic activities for children in the Center’s three branches, Wadi Hilweh, Ein Al Loza and Batn Al Hawa.

Where the day was revived through organizing a series of activities, including cultural activities that aimed at informing children about the history of Palestine and strengthening their Palestinian identity, by having the branch coordinators provide a simplified explanation to the children about the Palestinian displacement and the meaning of Nakba and the key of return.

In addition, they organized a competition in which the participating children shared information about the history of the villages that were displaced in 1948, where children stood in front of their peers and shared information they had about the villages, the aim of this was to enhance their self-confidence.

In addition to the cultural activities, the day also included artistic activities, including making models similar to the houses of the displaced villages and another model of the key of return in which the children wrote on it the names of the displaced villages that they have learned about through the activity.

They also chanted traditional Palestinian songs about returning, raising the Palestinian flag during their singing. The children also performed a skit about the same topic. The Center integrates artistic and cultural activities to break out of boredom and encourage all children to participate in the activities.

These activities are organized by the Cultural Department where the Center believes that building a conscious, educated and promising generation starts from childhood.

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