With the Title “Enjoy the summer, Have Fun and Learn in Silwan” Madaa Launches its Events for Summer Activities

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Madaa Creative Center-Silwan launched the events of the annual summer activities entitled (Enjoy the summer, Have Fun and Learn in Silwan) for children and youth in the Center’s three branches “Wadi Hilweh, Ein Al Loza, and Batn Al Hawa” which will continue until the beginning of September 2019.

The summer activities included “open days for different age groups during which the participant will move on to diverse corners” “artistic, educational, and sport related” aiming to develop the imagination of the participating children and youth and motivate them to creativity and innovation.

The Center organized many artistic activities such as hand making play dough, coloring it and forming it into shapes that the children chose. They also made a mural using colorful bubbles and made paper airplanes and paper fish using colorful ice cream sticks and crepe paper.

And because educating the children is one of the main goals of the Center, the summer event included many educational activities, competitions, theater and acting and reading folk tales and stories from international culture.

In addition there were health activities, which included a Jerusalemite breakfast where children ate Ka’ek bread and Falafel and Palestinian appetizers with vegetables and yogurt. The Center organized another health day where mothers participated with their children in making and eating the Palestinian traditional dish “Mjadara”.

The summer events were marked by physical activity games for children, which took place on a daily basis, especially folk games such as hopscotch, jump roping and more.

The children also celebrated the end of the school year on the day of the celebration of success where the Center honored the outstanding children. Each child wrote a thank-you letter to the person who helped him/her study and pass the final exams successfully, from mothers, sisters, parents, brothers, teachers or the Center’s staff.

The activities are going to continue taking place until the beginning of the new school year in September. The activities are going to vary between a series of summer camps (I love you Silwan 13) and other activities such as trips and journeys, open days and celebrations.

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