Madaa Creative Center Graduates its First Batch of Women from the Project “Our Future is Our Life”

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Madaa Creative Center-Silwan organized a graduation ceremony for a group of women who participated in the project “Our Future is Our Life” where they completed the courses of makeup art, hair design and empowerment of women funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, the Palestinian Guidance Center, and the Young Women’s Christian Association (YMCA) in partnership with the COOPI Development Foundation.

Forty women who participated in the project and passed their final practical exam in the courses they trained in- the art of makeup and hair design- had graduated. Through the project, the center aims to teach women professional skills that qualify them for the job market or to open their own business, which will bring them and their families financial income.

The training was divided into two main parts, starting with the theoretical explanation of all the basics related to the profession and then the practical application through intensive meetings that ended with the women mastering the craft, where all participants succeeded in passing their final exam.

The training series will be continued by giving marketing and project management training under the title “How do I manage my project?” which will be implemented by specialists in this field to form an integrated training, in terms of psychological empowerment, professional empowerment and the skills of project management and marketing to ensure the success of women in the job market.

During a ceremony honoring the women, each woman was  presented a certificate in addition to a case containing essential equipment and tools related to her profession to help her open her own business. The ceremony was attended by deputies from partner institutions who gave motivational and encouragement speeches to the participating women, in addition to a Dabkeh performance by the Madaa Dabkeh group.

The project will be continued in the upcoming days with new groups of ladies where we hope to reach 120 women.

It is worth mentioning that Madaa Creative Center adopts many economic empowerment projects such as accessories and jewelry manufacturing, handicrafts and fashion design, in addition to its other projects targeting all age groups.

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