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Wadi Hilweh Information Center concluded a training series entitled
(Professional Documentation and Mobile Journalism) which took place
during the month of September 2019 under the supervision of Madaa Creative


Fifteen participants from the staff of Wadi Hilweh Information Center, activists, journalists and university students attended the training. The training was carried out by the company Experts for Integrated Solutions under the supervision of journalist Alaa Rimawi and professors Mohammad Awad and Jihan Awad. The workshop focused on training participants on the subject of professional documentation and mobile journalism, in addition to the subject of communication and communication skills and management of electronic accounts and work ethics.

During the first workshop, Ms. Jihan Awad explained the methods of photography using mobile phones and the tools that can be used during filming. Then she moved to a comprehensive explanation about video editor programs. Mr. Mohammad Awad explained the use of the camera and the preparation of reports. Professor Alaa Rimawi explained how to report the news, types of news, story, press reports and conducting interviews.

The second workshop was to maintain the developments and develop the capabilities of Wadi Hilweh information staff and volunteers in order to preserve the quality of the performance of the center on the one hand and on the other hand, the goal was to attract a number of new volunteers.

The administrative coordinator at Madaa Center, Bayan Abbasi, said: “choosing training topics that will benefit the participants, such as mobile journalism, how to document news and media work ethics.”

Professor Alaa Rimawi verified that the exercises were based on practical (applied) and theoretical aspects and he considered this the best way to continue the success of the courses.

The course focused on mobile journalism, story writing, report writing, writing breaking news and photo or video principles.

The professor confirmed that the application of the students was one of the most beautiful presentations and the interaction of the participants was very special.

As for the participants' opinion, one of the participating journalists said, “What distinguished the course and enabled me to develop in the field of journalism was the practical training and application during the days of the session.”

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