Madaa Center participates in the Revival of Heritage Day at Wadi Al Joz Girls School

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Madaa Creative Center - Silwan participated in the activities of the revival of the heritage day at Wadi Al Joz Girls Primary School on Tuesday October 15th 2019, in the presence of more than 200 people, among them were school students, their families, school staff and Palestinian official figures. The activities aimed to introduce these Jerusalemite students to the Palestinian heritage in order to enhance their Palestinian identity and engrave it in their soul.

The activities varied between Palestinian folktale storytelling which was narrated by one of the teachers who told a famous folktale entitled “Jibiena” to the students and the attendees. In addition to the Palestinian folk art performances, such as the folkloric dance performance and the scouting performance performed by the students of the school. A heritage exhibition was organized containing several corners, which included one for displaying Palestinian garments and one for displaying popular Palestinian tools such as the Babour, the mill and the grinder, another one was the corner of old musical instruments such as the fiddle and clarinet. As well as the popular Palestinian game corner with games such as jump roping and hopscotch, in addition to a corner that served traditional Palestinian dishes such as Mujadara, Rashtaya, and lentils as well as desserts such as Hareeseh and Hilbeh that have been made by the students’ mothers.  The corners were all supervised by the students.

The women's group of Madaa Center participated by demonstrating traditional Palestinian wedding events to the audience, beginning with the Palestinian Zaffeh and then singing and folk dancing to the tunes of popular Palestinian songs with the participation of the students and their mothers. They also made the wedding dinner which was famously known for the Jresheh dish which is a traditional meal that Silwan was known for as well as other Palestinian villages. They explained its ingredients, which are meat, jresheh and yogurt as well as a tomato and onion sauce. They also showed how it is made by cooking it in front of the students, and finally they distributed plates of the Jresheh meal to the audience who liked the taste of it.

This activity is part of the Palestinian heritage day event that Madaa celebrates in October for the Center’s participants which are children, youth and women, with the aim of enhancing their Palestinian identity and securing it in their minds.

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