Madaa Creative Center - Silwan Holds a Youth Camp in the Negev

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Madaa Creative Center set up a youth camp with its youth group for three days in southern Palestine in the Negev desert area.

The youth group, accompanied by the center’s staff, began their journey to the Negev on Friday morning, November 8, 2019 and came back on Sunday evening, November,10, 2019, in the Ein Bokek route in the Dead Sea region.

While enjoying the scenic nature, many activities were held during the camping. It began with a walk between the mountains in Wadi Hawar path, and from a popular story, the participants learned about the nature of Hawar rocks, the mountain formation, how they were structured, and the nature of wildlife in the region.

The participants then proceeded to Jarn Al Ruman (the pomegranate course), during which the tour guide explained the geographic nature of Palestine. They then moved on to Ajran sight to enjoy the stunning view and take memorable pictures.

The first day of the camp ended in Abaar Lotus area (Lotus Wells) with team activities and games. Participants collaborated in setting up their tents, setting fires and watching the stars, where they learned about the North Star which used to be a guide for travelers long time ago.

On the second day of the camp, the group set off on a search adventure in the Abda area. The participants were divided into four groups, each group collaborated to solve the mystery and win the treasure. After one of the teams won the treasure, the participants moved to the trail of perfume lane, which was used by traders in the past to cross from India to the Levant and Europe. They boarded a caravan of camels and experienced a new and beautiful adventure.

The second day of the camp ended in Bir Asaloug Natural Reserve. They set up their tents, lit fire and commemorated the Prophet’s birthday by singing songs of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and sat chatting around the fire.

The group set off on the third day of the camp, to the path of Wadi Al Jineneh. Where they had the biggest challenge during the camp, rappelling, which broke the barrier of fear among some participants. They then headed to Ein Bokek route, climbing the mountains in the area; the camp concluded with Tele Match activities and did the evaluation in the Dead Sea region.

The youth camp experience was a unique experience, through which the center aims to expand the perception of young men and women through the development of curiosity, exploration, self-reliance and cooperation, where they are the ones who set up the tents, set fires and helped prepare meals. They have gone through new experiences, through which they broke the barrier of fear. Another goal of the camp was also achieved which is to strengthen the sense of belonging and communication between the group, as participants gathered each night around the fire chatting, singing, playing music and brain games. They laughed and chanted beautiful songs in the name of Jerusalem and Silwan away from the world of technology

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